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Así es como funciona

Encuentra un espacio

El primer paso es encontrar el lugar correcto para crear su espacio de trabajo. Le enseñamos cómo hacerlo en un contenedor (porque es fácil de replicar) pero podría hacerse en cualquier lugar, según lo que le resulte más conveniente.

This is how it works

Find a space

First step is to find the right place to create your workspace. We teach you how to do it in a container (because it is easy to replicate) but it could be made anywhere depending on what's convenient for you.

Collect your raw material

Plastic waste is our raw material. Setting up an efficient and recurrent collection system is the first step to run a successful recycling workspace. Learn how to get plastic and set up a system that keeps it coming in.

Sort different plastics

Different plastic types have to be separated as they have different melting temperatures and properties. An efficient sorting system is crucial to avoid mixing plastic and ruining your process.

Shred that plastic!

Bigger plastic objects are chopped into smaller flakes using the shredding machine. Shredded plastic is easier to store, wash, melt, sell and use in the other machines or processes.

Get your paint ready

The shredded plastic should be labeled and stored accordingly to avoid cross contamination and create a material bank for your creations. Try to store your plastic by colours and start using it as your paint!

Melting time

Once your plastic is ready you can start creating valuable products from plastic waste using our four machines. Each machine is slightly different but work on the same concept: melt, press, cool down.

Create products

Through the years we have developed different techniques to create with plastic waste. Products, construction material or art objects- the possibilities are endless. Now it's your turn to take it to the next level.
Surprise us!

Display & sell

Once your products are ready is time to finish, photograph and display your creations beautifully so you can sell your recycled products to people around the world.

Check out some of our favourite workspaces



This collective from Ukraine creates a wide range of outstanding products and unique experiments.

Bope Shop

Chiang Mai

Tehr and Permika have set up a little business making beautiful products for tourists and inspiring experiments for the community.

Ready to create your plastic recycling workspace?

From planning to melting & selling your products- we've got you covered!

Plan your workspace
Start creating
Sell your products
Start your workspace

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